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Understand Concept in Srimad Bhagwad Gita

Unmanifest To Manifest: What Science Says About It?

Science believes in something that can be put down as mathematical models, or that can be experimented. However, not all facts and truths would meet this criterion, as of this generation at least. This does not mean that those truths are not reality, and myths.

Secondly, quantum physics has numerous assumptions where they have given a manifested form to the unmanifest ones. In this view they do not mismatch with scriptures but can be said to be an advanced level in a direction to put those epistemological philosophies a scientific form.  Let us see what are the key ‘similarities’ in science and scriptures:

  • Science has been breaking the matters to see what it is made of. They broke big molecules into small elemental molecules like carbon, oxygen, hydrogen etc. then they broke it into atoms, atoms into electron, proton, neutrons, and then they were further broken into Matter particles fermions and Force particles Bosons. Fermions were of two types, Quarks and leptons which further have several types. And still being discovered.

  • The problem with scientific approach has been that the moment they explain a small particle by breaking it into another material fragments, the story is never ending. This is where unmanifest energies are hypothesized.

  • Hypothesis of Bosons is something that gives unmanifest a manifested form. Bosons are hypothetical particles to explain how forces work, and hence they are called force particles, they do not have any coordinates, dimensions, volumes, space and can overlap each other. To understand overlapping, imagine you are sitting in a movie theater and the same seat is assigned twice by mistake. Another person comes and claims the seat you are sitting on and tries to sit on top of you. This is uncomfortable and not going to happen, unless both of you merge in each other’s body like a soul and sit comfortably in same seat. This is what Boson does. They mix and merge with other fermions and bosons without space and volumes, but provide them a key characteristics, charge, spin or mass (despite they themselves do not have such mass).

  • Although some of the Bosons are given a mass due to the energy they render in interactions, in the same line as matter particles. All sub-atomic particle’s mass is given in units of energies, GeV, Gega Electron volts. While matter particles are understandable, the force particles with mass is something strange.

  • Higgs Bosons stands apart, from other bosons in one more sense, that it is the only Bosons that does not require the presence of any other particles around, and it can sit by itself in the space like fields. It would not be incorrect to call it a field particle, rather than just the force particle. Every field in space has the bosons sitting on it with a specified energy, unlike other bosons. The energy levels of quantum bosons field is said to be 125 GeV. Paraphrasing from a website: “An important year with an amusing history was 1964, with the proposal of a new particle by R. Brout, F. Englert and Peter Higgs. On the 24th of July, the paper “Broken Symmetry Massless Particles and Gauge Fields” was accepted by the Physics Letters editor at CERN.”

  • The other massless particles in Boson family are:  Gluons, responsible for Strong nuclear forces that keeps protons and neutrons together inside the nucleus of atoms; Gravitons, that explains the gravity ; and photons, the particle that explains electromagnetic forces, light and similar energies emitted or absorbed from atoms, and subatomic particles.

  • Most subatomic particles are transient in nature and they keep on transforming into one another, and even disappear. Duality principles in science accept that a particle can behave like a wave sometime and sometime like a particle. As most of them are always in dynamic state, they are mostly treated like a wave. Imagine a wave explains your mass.

  • This further requires a mention of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty  principle, in which he stated that exact position and state of a particle cannot be predicted with certainty, as they are dynamic and change and even disappear, or transform into another type of particles. Therefore, standard model calculations assume a probabilistic calculation about it.

  • As particle keep on transforming into one another, and several Feynman diagrams have been explained about this, it is also a case of unmanifest-to-manifest-to-unmanifest type of transition, as stated in Scriptures, and eternal. We tend to believe the scriptural notion in terms of galactic apocalypse, but  it also happens at quantum levels . Everything disappear into unmanifest and then is recreated from the unmanifest.

  • Why not? After all, now we have proven Higgs bosons, as the first unmanifest particle  which takes no size, shape, mass (of its own unless as field quantum), volume, and yet it can render mass to other particles. Imagine a field can be quantized? Then is the Higg’s field a field of mass? What if this field is taken away from the universe? Would everyone  go massless? Nearly yes, however, there is another explanation of masses.

  • Despite Bosons being a big controversy in scientific community since 60’s till 2012, when it was finally accepted, they explain the mass of subatomic particles, but not the atoms. They explain less than 0.1% of the mass of atoms. Most of the mass or atoms comes from the gluons? Which keeps neucleonic particles stick to each other, subverting weak forces. This force is converted to energies, which we call mass. Gluons is another unmanifest form of nature, yet it is said to provide a manifested result. So where are the scriptures wrong?

  • Standard Model of subatomic particles and Quantum Physics theories are based on Copenhagen Meet. The main principles of the Copenhagen interpretation are:

    • A system is completely described by a wave function, usually represented by the Greek letter ψ {\displaystyle \psi } ("psi"). (Heisenberg)

    • How ψ {\displaystyle \psi } changes over time is given by the Schrödinger equation.

    • The description of nature is essentially probabilistic. The probability of an event – for example, where on the screen a particle shows up in the two-slit experiment – is related to the square of the absolute value of the amplitude of its wave function. (Born rule, due to Max Born, which gives a physical meaning to the wave function in the Copenhagen interpretation: the probability amplitude)

    • It is not possible to know the values of all of the properties of the system at the same time; those properties that are not known with precision must be described by probabilities. (Heisenberg's uncertainty principle)

    • Matter, like energy, exhibits a wave–particle duality. An experiment can demonstrate the particle-like properties of matter, or its wave-like properties; but not both at the same time. (Complementarity principle due to Bohr)

    • Measuring devices are essentially classical devices and measure classical properties such as position and momentum.

    • The quantum mechanical description of large systems should closely approximate the classical description. (Correspondence principle of Bohr and Heisenberg)

  1. A huge investment was done to discover Higgs Bosons, and a 27-kilometer-long tunnel inside earth 175-meter-deep was dig and built with millions of sophisticated instruments to observe and measure subatomic collision. Then they could discover a Higg’s bosons of 125 GeV. Scientist predict that there are other field particles, bosons etc., which may be much heavier, and that would require a further bigger tunnel and many times more investment to discover them.

  2. Imagine if there is a field-particle that explains consciousness and its levels, like Higgs field, that can explain the transitions of consciousness from a set of matter called biological body to another, then it would explain Re-births observed, inborn talents, inclinations and attitudes, sub-sub-conscious formats of memories and past life recollections etc. This is when souls would be scientifically  discovered? What mass they would give to this particle of consciousness?

  3. Apart from the quantum theories of particle Physics, there is another set of theories that explains the whole world entirely differently – The string Theory. It assumes that the subatomic particles are made of tiny vibrating strings with energies. It also assumes that there are ten or eleven dimensions in space, including multiverses. These strings of energies and eleven dimensions explains the matter. As a layman, one can see that ultimately to explain manifest, once again the unmanifest is the basis, because manifest can be explained in three dimensions of physical boundaries and time, and it should have affixed mass, space and volume in quantum scales. If this quantum is in ‘strings-of-energies’ forms with ‘specific’ characteristics’ then it is all about unmanifest. If it keeps appearing and disappearing and transform into one another, then this dynamism has to be through unmanifest, with cycle of construction, destruction and re construction that goes on, eternally.

This clearly shows that at the subatomic levels, matters merge with energies, forces, fields and waves etc. and thus the following assumptions may be relooked into:

  1. Conservation of mass and energy.

Quantum Physics theories are based on this very principle of conservation of mass and energy. What if the Mass + Energy conservation is only within the physical limits, and metaphysical interactions are a reality aloof to physical envelopes. This may induct additional energies? Even Higg’s fields, when they render mass to particles, is an energy derived from space , the physics of the unmanifest?
The force particles are directly related to physical world, but Fields are not. Quantizing fields for masses differentiates Higgs fields form the rest of Bosons. What would be the energies or mass of entire space in universe, if it can be tapped? Would it hold the conservation principle?

  1. Speed of light is constant, and nothing exceeds this limit

Faster-than-light is a major area of research. Tachyon is said to be one particle with zero mass, that can travel faster than light. Assuming metaphysics is real, quantum consciousness would have similar velocity. This would explain the speed of mind. In a story of Mahabharata, Yaksh asks the question to yudhisthir, what is fastest in universe, the answer was ‘Mind’, which switch from one place to another, trillions of light-year apart in split seconds.

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