Promote the logic of Religion. Help eradicate blind belief and apostacy - both are baseless. Presumption that current Era is the first monotonous rise of intellectualism is a self-conceited idea. The science did develop in the past, there are enough evidences which we dissmiss without brains. In socio-psychology, probably Indian Rishis were better than where we are today. 5000 years is too long for sinusoidal ups and downs of humanity. In just 50 years we came from telegraphic messaging to live videos in mobiles and 3D holographic imaging. What if it was monotonously developing with same pace for 5000 years. Imagine the world we would have been living! Inhuman destruction of knoweldge blocked our rise. It takes just two generations of calamities - natural or man-made to send humanity thousands of years backwards. If only we can read Srimad Bhagwad Gita logically, we discover these facts and comprehend how humanity treads its path, and then we also understand the guides that keeps the track of sustainable and progressive humanity. Lets come out of our blind haughtiness and decode the symbols, and religious notions. *OM Tat Sad* Let us know what you think and write to us: and

Understand Concept in Srimad Bhagwad Gita

Three Types of Knowledge


सर्वभूतेषु येनैकं भावमव्ययमीक्षते।
अविभक्तं विभक्तेषु तत्ज्ञानं विद्धि सात्त्विकम्।।18-20।।
Sarvabhooteshu yenaikam bhaavamavyayameekshate |
Avibhaktam vibhakteshu tajgyaanam viddhi saattwikam ||

All beings are seen holding the one and only, the indestructible, the eternal Him (Parampurusha), divided in them yet undivided, such knowledge, know it as Satwik, for sure.
The super soul of the God is nothing but the undivided continuum of the Supreme Consciousness called Parampurush. Divided, it is reflected as souls in beings. Realizing such union of individual consciousness with the supreme is called Yog. It is like water that rains, goes to rivers, merges into sea, evaporates, forms clouds and rains again. At molecular level, they are the world of hydrogen and oxygen in different forms, but when in bulk we call them wells, rivers and ponds etc. Purusha is similar; it divides itself into souls and yet is an undivided continuum. Another analogy is given by fields, like gravity, magnetic fields, electromagnetic fields and Higgs fields. Similarly Purusha could be a metaphysical field providing consciousness and awareness to people. Thinking that existences are only in physical and energy forms and not in metaphysical forms would be a mistake. We are very clearly able to experience metaphysical entities such as feelings, pain, memory, intelligence and even re-birth and past life recollections etc, which cannot be explained by any known physical or energy equation.

पृथक्त्वेन तु यत्ज्ञानं नानाभावान्पृर्थिग्वधान्।
वेत्ति सर्वेषु भूतेषु तत्ज्ञानं विद्धि राजसम्।।18-21।।
Prithaktwena tu yajgyaanam naanaabhaavaan prithagvidhaan |
Vetti sarveshu bhooteshu tajgyaanam viddhi raajasam ||

‘Differentiation is real (and should be treated accordingly)’, such knowledge that sees distinctions among beings, their status, their ways and their roles – know that knowledge as Rajasik.

यत्तु कृत्सनवदेकस्मिकार्ये सक्तमहैतुकम्।
अतत्त्वार्थवदल्पं च तत्तामसमुदाहृतम्।।18-22।।
Yattu Kritsnavadekasmin kaarye saktamahaitukam |
Atattwaarthavadalpam cha tattaamasamudaahritam ||

Yet there are beings completely engaged in actions narrow-mindedly without much purpose, without much knowledge – such knowledge is said to be Tamasik.

प्रवृत्तिं च निवृत्तिं च जना न विदुरासुराः।
न शौचं नापि चाचारो न सत्यं तेषु विद्यते।16-7।।
Pravrutim Cha Nivrutim cha Jana na Vidurasurah |
Na shaucham naapi chacharo na satyam teshu vidyate ||

When to be Proactive to doable and inadvertent to non-doable (not worth doing) - having no knowledge of it, people fail to realize demonic tendencies permeating in them, neither do they care for Purity nor etiquette; nor any truth is found in them.
Most of the time, people think and act subconsciously. Inadvertent to their ways. their beliefs prejudices, biases and attachments orient their thoughts and actions, often not fully logical and factually balanced. Lacking conscious control over their intents and ways, they allow sneaky demoniac qualities to grow. Such people are least bothered to purify their thoughts and behave carelessly. For example, as we receive a funny spoof, often crafted and untrue, we forward to friends for fun, thinking not the consequences of spreading wrong message to larger societies, which in turn would benefit an imprudent politician and might be mocking at the true Nationalist. The weakness of human nature gets activated on meeting easy opportunities and forgets boundaries of ethical do-ability. Such callous attitudes and often a whim needs to be rescinded. This makes conscious scrutiny of our thoughts and acts inevitable.

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