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Understand Concept in Srimad Bhagwad Gita

Castes: Qualitative Personalities are Varnas


चातुर्वण्र्यं मया सृष्टं गुणकर्मविभागशः।
तस्य कर्तारमपि मां विद्धîकर्तारमव्ययम्।।4-13।।
Chaaturvarnyam mayaa srishtam gunakarma vibhaagashah |
Tasya kartaaram api maam viddhyakartaaram avyayam ||

Four types of personalities of people have been created by me, segmented by their natural qualities and actions.
The four castes are the four intrinsic personalities by innate qualities and skills and not by parentage. It is important to note that natural qualities cannot be restricted within a lineage. All beings have equal probability of acquiring natural skills and qualities irrespective of the caste they are born in. Bhagwan says, “Though I am the originator thereof; know me not the doer in them. People’s actions are due to Purusha and Prakrit’s triguna and its autonomous laws. Yet, they are responsible to take cognition of Prakriti and Purusha and enlighten themselves, else they remain deluded. Actions corresponds to innate characters and qualities, although it can be modified by spiritual elevation. Accordingly, varnas can be changed. In ancient India, according to shastras many people who were born shudra lineage ended becoming Brahmin rishis by enlightenment and qualitative improvements including the very author of Srimad Bhagwad Gita Sri Ved Vyas ji.

तदस्ति पृथिव्यां वा दिवि देवेषु वा पुनः।
सत्त्वं प्रकृतिजैर्मुक्तं यदेभिः स्यात्त्रिभिर्गुणैः ।।18-40।।
Na tadasti prithivyaam vaa divi deveshu vaa punah |
Sattwam prakritijairmuktam yadebhih syaat tribhirgunaih ||

On this Earth or in the higher worlds or among the Gods in heaven too, there is no one free from the effects of three nature-born qualities or Gunas (i.e. Satwa, Rajas, Tamas – all beings behave under effective combination thereof).
While everyone has good and bad qualities, often we are confused in understanding others. People should focus on good qualities of others and adjust with their limitations to work together. Have an eye for the good in people, appreciate and absorb it. Rejecting or ignoring bad qualities is important for the people to develop a productive and harmonious society. Make it clear to your friends that you are friends for their good qualities only. Friendship does not mean to be partners in spreading and escalating bad qualities of each other. Such attachments are not productive for the society or country. This filter should be at work always in observing, listening and interpreting. Remember Gandhi’s three monkeys.

ब्राह्मणक्षत्रियविशां शूद्राणां च परन्तप।
कर्माणि प्रविभक्तानि स्वभावप्रभवैर्गुणैः।।18-41।।
Braahmanakshatriyavishaam shoodraanaam cha parantapa |
Karmaani pravibhaktaani swabhaavaprabhavairgunaih ||

The deeds of Brahmans, Kshatriya, Vaishyas and Sudra are differentiated by their nature-born skills, talents, inclinations and such inborn qualities.

Castes, Varna Vyavastha by Guna-Karma, which is by qualities and
quality-born actions, castes are personalities not by parentage or lineage


Varna is persona: By Guna and Karma, i.e. Qualities and Actions/Profession

Selfless Altruism

Knowledge, Research and Guidance

Extent of Sacrifice

 Ethical hierarchy: Affects number of people

Brahmin (Born from Brahma’s head - they are society’s thinkers and planners). Scholar of scriptures. Thinks of the entire world, benevolent, not attached to the fruits of his work, fosters goodness in mankind and promotes nature.

His virtue is ‘Vasudhaiva kutumbakam,
Entire Globe is his family.

Protector and developer of humanity, Involved fully into R&D.

Sacrifice all, his property, lives in alms and donations, dedicated to society in Vaan prasthasrma or leaves family in Sanyasasram

Seat of responsibility = Entire humanity, mankind and nature kind, across borders

Kshatriya, (Born from Brahma’s hands - they are society’s defenders). The brave heart fighter, protector of society, thinks about his citizenry, sacrifices his life in battle field for them and suffers pain and loss of family if defeated by enemy.

High, His virtue is Patriotism, provides justice for all.

High, Invest into R&D.
Protector of Country, state and Nation

High, sacrifice life for Nation and his people,
Invest part of property into R&D, High risk taker

Seat of responsibility = Country, state and Nation

Vaishya, (Born from Brahma’s thighs - they are society’s executers and providers). Thinks about the customers in the city, the chief provider, leaves families for travel to serve the city/village.

Works for the city or state in a specific domain.

Trades and distributes the benefits,

Distributes benefits from proven R&D, Low risk taker

Seat of responsibility = city or states

Shudra, (Born from Brahma’s feet - they are society’s helpers and workers). Thinks about the Master or a family, provides personal services, relatively sacrifice little

Serves people

Low, simple education is enough

Low, No risk taker

Seat of responsibility = individuals or families

Kayastha (Kaya- body, Stha- situated. Born from Brahma’s Soul- and situated inside everyone’s body - he is Kayastha, the representation of Soul’s self-controlling or warning mechanism. Like four other personalities in society, they are the Soul of the Society. Their job is to alert people when they go wrong and show them the right path, distinguish doable and non-doable.

Their true contributions are like Brahmins but sometimes even guide Brahmins themselves as they represent soul of society. They are truthful, factual, pure and honest. Nothing is hidden from them and no crooked means and selective orientation of subject can delude them. As a watchdog, they alert and guide the people regarding their duties. Kayastha is truly situated inside each body. While other the four classes were born of Brahma's body, Kayastha were born of Brahm’s soul. Represented by Chitragupta, he alarms people of their good and bad , as sixth sense, and takes account of everyone’s deeds in life and accordingly provides justice in the end.

 शमो दमस्तपः शौचं क्षान्तिरार्जवमेव च।
ज्ञानं विज्ञानमास्तिक्यं ब्रह्मकर्म स्वभावजम्।।18-42।।
Shamo damastapah shaucham kshaantiraarjavameva cha |
Gyaanam vigyaanam aastikyam brahmakarma swabhaavajam ||

Peace loving (not agitated), self-controlled (selflessly), austerity, purity, tolerance, humility and courteousness, apt in knowledge and specially researched sciences are the natural qualities and actions of Brahman (i.e. the knowers of Brahm, understanding the laws of Brahma and role of its key constituents, Prakriti and Purusha).

शौर्यं तेजो धृतिर्दाक्ष्यं युद्धे चाप्यपलायनम्।
दानमीश्वरभावश्च क्षात्रं कर्म स्वभावजम्।।18-43।।
Shauryam tejo dhritirdaakshyam yuddhe chaapyapalaayanam |
Daanameeshwarabhaavashcha kshaatram karmaswabhaavajam ||

Valor, grandeur, determination, dexterity in fighting without fleeing from battleground, generosity and ownership of their people (true people-loving leaders, not looters of public funds), are the natural qualities and duties of Kshatriya.

कृषिगोरक्ष्यवाणिज्यं वैश्यकर्म स्वभावजम्।
परिचर्यात्मकं कर्म शूद्रास्यापि स्वभावजम्।।18-44।।
Krishigaurakshyavaanijyam vaishyakarma swabhaavajam |
Paricharyaatmakam karma shoodrasyaapi swabhaavajam ||

Agriculture, cow rearing and trade are by the innate nature of Vaishyas and provide service to others is the innate nature of shudras.

श्रेयान्स्वधर्मों विगुणः परधर्मात्स्वनुष्ठितात्।
स्वभावनियतं कर्म कुर्वन्नाप्नोति किल्बिषम्।।18-47।।
Shreyaanswadharmo vigunah paradharmaat swanushthitaat |
Swabhaavaniyatam karma kurvannaapnoti kilbisham ||

Better is one’s own duty (best suited to one’s natural qualities) than the duty of others, not so perfect in. Those acquiring duties based on natural merits incur no sin.
As nature determines one’s qualities, attitudes and inborn talents, one should identify, develop and employ their inherent skills to the best. This is their swa-Dharma. Manmade differences based on religions are like prisons of birth. True religions are the intrinsic faiths in satwa, rajas and tamas character of the soul, which is found in all humans of all religions. In fact, in all religions, four castes are naturally found. All of them have either Brahmanic qualities, Kshatriya persona, Vaishya attributes or Shudra tendencies. Their behaviours, action and performances, are governed by their innate nature, and inclinations not by the prisons of birth, they are born with.
Recognizing one’s natural skills and talents is important and it determines one’s swadharma. Trying to fit in other’s shoes will not bring success, which is likely to go to those naturally better than you. An old saying goes that a donkey wearing the skin of a tiger cannot become a tiger. The donkey is exposed the moment it brays.
Qualities determine the persona of people and accordingly they need to be trained for specific occupations. There are numerous examples in history of people born of any paternity, yet they were accepted as Brahman, Kshatriya etc.
Misunderstanding qualitative classification as caste system has cost a lot to India, especially in last 2500 years, when it faced foreign invasion and its culture and originality got affected beyond repairs. As a result, the right people were not trained for their innate skills. We lost the knowledge as well as the bravery, we lost the international traders, as well as the harmonious service to each other. We could not maintain the same levels of skills, knowledge and spirituality as discovered by genius Rishis earlier. The religion became just the milieu of ostentation practices, surrounding idols, far from its knowledge and research centric theme.  The land of India was the inventor of knowledge but today we are just followers to the west. We have given religion and humanity to the world and also numerous sciences, mathematics and great ideologies. But today we are forced to import capital goods and technologies, unable to develop at our own. About five thousand years ago, when most of the world was living in the wild, Indians civilized to develop Dharma as harmonious and cooperative living with compassion and care, rather than compete and struggle to survive as a better fit. We learned to survive without killing animals by developing alternatives of raw food. Vegetables! An idea that many in the West cannot conceive until today, and indicator of human selfishness, and this is not the only example. But, today we borrow books of sociology and psychology from the west.
Going by the random probability of quality distribution, the table below shows how qualities in 75% people remained unidentified or under-developed. For example, 75% of true qualitative Brahmans were not born in Brahman families and so they never were trained for scriptures. Instead those 25% born as Brahman were trained, of which only 6.25% were true Brahmans qualitatively (25% as natural distribution among 25% born in caste-Brahmin families). Similarly, we see that of 25% of true Kshatriya were born in four castes by  paternity, of them only 6.25% Kshatriya-by-qualities were also born in Kshatriya families and got appropriate training. Obviously, they were not sufficient to defend against the enemies who did not follow any caste system and choose soldiers based on their fighting skills, and trained them accordingly. 75% of qualitative Kshatriya were born outside Kshatriya lineage but were never trained. Country suffered 2000 years of foreign invasion and loss of its original scientific bent of mind. Till today we are unable to rediscover our originality and come out of the mental slavery imposed on us during Mughal and British periods.

Clan/linage-based classifications

Qualitative Brahmin (25%)

Qualitative Kshatriya (25%)

Qualitative Vaishya (25%)

Qualitative Shudra (25%)

Clan Brahmin (25%)

Only True Brahman (0.25^2=6.25%)

They will tend to seek justice for all, build states and empires.

Technocrats turned entrepreneurs, Local Service of religions and Rituals.

People based Service of religions and Rituals.Tantra etc. Lack in-depth Spirituality.

Clan Kshatriya (25%)

Good politicians, If they are forced into fighting, They will be killed easily, but not surrender

Only True Kshatriya (0.25^2=6.25%)

They will engage in Real estate and large businesses. Would defend business easily.

Avengers, Criminals and terrorists, bully, involved in vandalism.

Clan Vaishya (25%)

Ethical Businessmen

They would indulge in patriotic business, but may Bully in Public works Contracts

Only True Vaishya (0.25^2=6.25%)

Cheats, Liars, Thugs. They would not be reliable business partners

Clan Shudra (25%)

Honest Servants

They could be brave guards; fight for their owners.

Local service providers

Only True Shudra (0.25^2=6.25%)

Above table indicates that 75% of Brahmans were born in non-Brahmin family due to natural random distribution of Brahmanic qualities. Similarly, 75% of Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra were born outside the paternity based castes and found themselves misfit in the jobs they were told to do while they had better innate qualities. The good thing is that we are gradually recovering in our education system, where selections are done partly on merit, yet, a major part is still based on castes, in the name of reservation. New ills used as medicine for the previous ills.

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