Promote the logic of Religion. Help eradicate blind belief and apostacy - both are baseless. Presumption that current Era is the first monotonous rise of intellectualism is a self-conceited idea. The science did develop in the past, there are enough evidences which we dissmiss without brains. In socio-psychology, probably Indian Rishis were better than where we are today. 5000 years is too long for sinusoidal ups and downs of humanity. In just 50 years we came from telegraphic messaging to live videos in mobiles and 3D holographic imaging. What if it was monotonously developing with same pace for 5000 years. Imagine the world we would have been living! Inhuman destruction of knoweldge blocked our rise. It takes just two generations of calamities - natural or man-made to send humanity thousands of years backwards. If only we can read Srimad Bhagwad Gita logically, we discover these facts and comprehend how humanity treads its path, and then we also understand the guides that keeps the track of sustainable and progressive humanity. Lets come out of our blind haughtiness and decode the symbols, and religious notions. *OM Tat Sad* Let us know what you think and write to us: and

Understand Concept in Srimad Bhagwad Gita

Bhakti Yogi – Believing is The First Step

महात्मानस्तु मां पार्थ दैवीं प्रकृतिमाश्रिताः।
भजन्त्यनन्यमनसो ज्ञात्वा भूतादिमव्ययम्।।9.13।।
Mahaatmaanastu maam paartha daiveem prakritimaashritaah |
Bhajantyananyamanaso gyaatwaa bhootaadimavyayam ||

The great souls take shelter in my divine nature and revere me single-mindedly, knowing me as the eternal source of existences O’ Parth! (Thus, they act selflessly for the common good and humankind)

>सततं कीर्तयन्तो मां यतन्तश्च दृढव्रताः।
नमस्यन्तश्च मां भक्त्या नित्ययुक्ता उपासते।।9.14।।
Satatam keertayanto maam yatantashcha dridhavrataah;
Namasyantashcha maam bhaktyaa nityayuktaa upaasate.

Always glorifying Me in orison, firmly vowed in dedicating works to Me, submitting unto Me, My devotees in Bhakti Yog, worship me regularly.

पत्रं पुष्पं फलं तोयं यो मे भक्त्वा प्रयच्छति।
तदहं भक्त्युपहृतमश्नामि प्रयतात्मनः ।।9.26।।
Patram pushpam falam toyam yo me bhaktwa prayakshati |
Tadaham bhaktiyupahritamashnami prayatatmanah ||

In Bhaktiyog, (faith) who so ever presents me with devotion leaves, flowers, fruits etc, I accept it thinking as gifts in devotion as I know these souls are in the path of self-purification.

चतुर्विधा भजन्ते मां जनाः सुकृतिनोऽर्जुन।
आर्तो जिज्ञासुरर्थार्थी ज्ञानी च भरतर्षभ।।7.16।।
Chaturvidha bhajante mam janah sukritino-Arjun |
Aarto Jigyasurartharthi Gyani cha bharatarshabha ||

Four types of my people venerate me: Sukrutinas (Benefactors), distressed, inquisitive, significance seekers and the erudite, Hey Arjun!
Four types of worshippers or benefactors are defined above.

  1. When people are in distress, they remember God.

  2. Inquisitives, who wish to discover and know about him.

  3. Purusharthi, seeking significance of their life, looking for the purpose of life.

  4. Knowledgeable, who understand the Cosmic Brahm and its laws.

Bhaktiyog is the first stepping ladder. Many remember God only in distress. Only hoping and remembering Gog is not sufficient. Thereafter, people become inquisitive to actions i.e. Karmayoga. With Actions great accomplishments are realized and thus, significance of life is sought, i.e. Artharthi. One may relate it to Gyan Yog. Having gone to a knowledgeable state one delves into researching new knowledge by deep meditations and thus, become true erudite. As they meditate to focus and contemplate, they elevate self to Dhyan-yog via Sankhya-yog or Gyan-yog (by adjoining to the process of knowledge development).

तेषां सततयुक्तानां भजतां प्रीतिपूर्वकम्।
ददामि बुद्धियोगं तं येन मामुपयान्ति ते।।10-10।।
Teshaam satatayuktaanaam bhajataam preetipoorvakam |
Dadaami buddhiyogam tam yena maamupayaanti te ||

Of those, the one steadfast in worshipping Me with love (i.e. about Brahm), I give them the power of Buddhi Yog (the intellect, wisdom and conscience) to reach unto me (understand him).
Those having faith in God try to understand more about Him, eventually they become Sankhya Yogi. The rise from a Bhakti Yogi to Sankhyayogi is through enquiry and logical or scientific studies. This is why Shloke 5.4-5.5 states that Sankhyayog is different from other Yog.

मां दुष्कृतिनो मूढाः प्रपद्यन्ते नराधमाः।
माययापहृतज्ञाना आसुरं भावमाश्रिताः।।7.15।।
Na Mam Dushkritino mudhah prapadyante naradhamah|
Mayayaapahritagyana Asuram Bhavamasritah ||

These Dushkritinas (evil doers) do not cede unto me – stupid, mean and abysmal, ignorant whose knowledge is confiscated (beguiled and indoctrinated by the illusions around) and Devilish under illusions.
Four types of people are evildoers and do not revere God:

  1. Stupid or fools

  2. Abysmal and mean, highly selfish

  3. Ignorant whose knowledge is stolen by illusions in the world

  4. Demonic who propagate knowledge not conducive to humankind

People are beguiled and indoctrinated about things in this illusive world. Stupid, mean, ignorant and demonic have tendencies to disrespect Gods in their deeds. Most consider trifle adharma is smart way of life, and they do not even think how Dharma is associated to their life directly or indirectly. A young boy driving rash on street is questioned by an elderly man who felt uncomfortable. The young boy disrespectfully beats him. In time, such attitudes intensify in such society, and when the young became old, story repeats with him. But this time the old is not only beaten but even killed. Similarly,  rash driving, fooling others, cheating customers by lying to meet sales targets, crossing traffic lights, parking on roads, going late to office and leaving early in a government job, troubling customers in civil authorities, to show how powerful one is, not doing duties honestly, desiring extra-income through bribes and misconducts, favouring political parties out of religious or caste affiliations, throwing trash anywhere, being callous to one suffering nearby, jumping queues, neglecting medical duties, and misusing powers and positions, looting or syphoning public funds are all related to Adharma. Such attitudes, should not be justified as ‘smart and practical living’. These back fire in more intensified manner in our own life or to next generations. Think! what society we want to leave for our kids. Self-control is needed by all to ensure harmonious and prospering society

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