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Understand Concept in Srimad Bhagwad Gita

Deciphering Swastik - the Process of starry and galactic creation:

DECIPHERING SWASTIKA – Process of creation & Destruction

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Deciphering Swastika, as process of Galactic and starry creations and destructions.

Indian seers, through the meditational process, discovered the creation of the stars and galaxies. The curves of Swastik indicate the spiral orbital paths. Dots show the stellar objects falling into the star's core. In addition, 45 degrees angled ends of curves signify the inward breakout from centripetal movement bringing the celestial masses into star's gravitation field to collapse. Stars under construction with helically falling masses are represented by clockwise constructive Swastik. Initially, increase in mass increases gravitational forces. However after a critical limit is reached, the gravitational force of stars diminishes and it goes to diminution mode to be eventually destroyed. While in the destructive phase with the same direction of rotation, due to weaker gravity and stronger centrifugal forces, celestial masses are thrown outwards. This would form a reverse cyclical phenomenon, shown as anti-clockwise Swastik. This represents the symbol of destruction. Note that the movement of celestial masses has not changed only the holistic appearance has changes.
One may argue, why constructive stars are shown as clockwise and destructive anti-clockwise. The answer is same as why clocks are designed with clockwise rotation. Ask a right-handed person to draw a circle on board and see how 90% of them would move their hands. It is about referential representations and way of depicting a phenomenon.
As Shivalinga depicts the process of creation of Universe and Swastik the process of creation of stars and galaxies.


Creative Swastik
(celestial mass falling in)

Destructive Swastik
(Masses falling outwards / or merging into another start under creation)

  1. Clock-wise Swastik denotes construction; anti-clockwise Swastik is a sign of destruction. In all Hindu homes, even today, people make clockwise Swastik on auspicious occasions.

  2. Astronomical research shows that all galaxies rotate around a dense matter called Blackhole. Due to the gravitational attraction, celestial objects including lights fall into the core. Even star growth is often due to the stellar masses falling into the core. Constructive clockwise Swastik represents this phenomenon, while destruction goes opposite as celestial masses fall outwards.

  3. The dots inside Swastik denote the celestial objects in gravitational fields of stars, falling along the streams.

  4.  45 degrees denotes the stellar masses as they enter into the gravitational fields.

  5. Note that during formation of stars as celestial bodies fall into the core, if the rotation of core is considered to be anticlockwise, the symbol of constructive Swastik is formed. On the other hand, as celestial masses fall apart due to weak gravitational field or cosmic sciences, we would see an anti-clock Swastik. This is destructive phase. Note the rotation remains same as anti-clock as a reference.

  6. Typically, Stars grow to a limit (Chandra Shekhar limit for white dwarf stars or Tolman-Openheimer-Volkoff (TOV) limits for neutron stars) beyond which another phenomenon (such as electron degeneracy pressure in case of white dwarfs and neutron degenerate pressures for neutron stars) limit the growth and put the stars into decay or diminution mode while their rotational phenomenon remains unchanged. At this point, the masses inside stars starts falling out of gravitational fields, giving birth to a reverse Swastik, i.e. the anti-clock wise Swastik or symbol of destruction. Reverse Swastik is considered as symbol of Omen in many ancient cultures of the world.


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